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Open simulator iphone on Mac via Terminal

decide what device you want to use:

$ xcrun simctl list

This will give you a list of devices:

-- iOS 9.0 --
iPhone 4s (56632E02-650E-4C24-AAF4-5557FB1B8EB2) (Shutdown)
iPhone 5 (ACD4DB7B-9FC9-49D5-B06B-BA5D5E2F5165) (Shutdown)
iPhone 5s (A8358B76-AD67-4571-9EB7-FFF4D0AC029E) (Shutdown)
iPhone 6 (1D46E980-C127-4814-A1E2-5BE47F6A15ED) (Shutdown)
iPhone 6 Plus (FD9F726E-453A-4A4C-9460-A6C332AB140B) (Shutdown)
Choose the ID (eg. FD9F726E-453A-4A4C-9460-A6C332AB140B) you want (you can create your own device using xcrun simctl create if you want).

Boot the simulator with that device (replacing YOUR-DEVICE-ID with the ID)

/Applications/ -CurrentDeviceUDID
Now you should be able to use simctl to install and launch commands

$ xcrun simctl install
$ xcrun simctl launch

iphone 11

$ open -a Simulator --args -CurrentDeviceUDID 0566AC33-9B91-2DR2-B5BB-C916D3BA8MD3
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