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Over 7 years in Web (Full stack), DevOps and eCommerce system development, I archive a lot of experiences, knowledge on website – application.

My opinion: I am always improving myself and professional qualifications on IT. I understand that product development life-cycle and risk management in business plan always change or die.

I used to work on an eCommerce system, and build it for large number of users. System includes customer care, seller center, promotion campaign, payment gate,… for business

I start up with my team build products with a very limited resources (money, developers, facilities). I fail many times in many projects. So I understand controlling time, budgets, resources, risks is not easy. I always prepare plan to handle risks in my project. I think if we work hard and help each other to finish the work, we will succeed

New position Lead Engineer in Techbase VietNam Co., Ltd

January 1, 2021

What’s comin’ will come, an’ we’ll meet it when it does

MVT Q4 2020 via Real Estate Project

December 30, 2020

Most Valuable Team of Real Estate Project. Develop, suggest and operation new feature route map.

MVT Q3 2020 via Branding Team

September 1, 2020

Most Valuable Team of Branding Team. Team has devoted a lot to make TBV’s fan page more known.

MVT Q2 2020 via EDC (Eyes dark circle) Team

June 5, 2020

Most Valuable Team of EDC (Eyes dark circle) team. Team join and complete product for Internal Hackday 17.

MVT Q1 2020 via Real Estate Project

March 6, 2020

Most Valuable Team Prize of Real Estate Project. The Real Estate team has succeeded in gaining the trust of Yahoo in terms of experience and skills as well as task response speed!

MVT Q2 2018 via Premium Project

June 1, 2018

MVT Q2 of Premium Project. PSC Premium team with a 35% increase in customer satisfaction. As a result of great efforts, the team has earned the trust and high praise of customers ♬.


March 1, 2018

• Had opinion/ idea which applied to improve development process or quality. • Have good contribution in planning & coaching & following training member for adapting Annapurna projects. • He always take challenge without being hesitate. It’s very trustful to share & assign team mission.

MVT Q1 2018 via GYAO BE Project

March 1, 2018

MVT of GYAO BE Project. ♫ Customer Satisfaction 35% UP MVT Award GYAO BE Team

Join developer in Techbase VietNam Co., Ltd

October 1, 2016

Start new position in PSC Team. 5 members base for big team later…

Leave Happy Phone Co.Ltd

September 30, 2016

However, It’s sad when say good bye my team. I need change new stage…

The Chancellor’s Employee of the Year Award (EOY) in Happy Phone

January 28, 2016

Amazing! I got the The Chancellor’s Employee of the Year Award

Join Product Manager in Happy Phone Co.Ltd

December 1, 2014

Join the company

Developer CÔNG TY TNHH CAO PHONG (Điện máy Chợ Lớn)

April 10, 2013

Join the company. I’m develop product website app, module for e-commercial, website deal, website service.

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